Offering LED lighting solutions and consulting in lighting projects since 2006.
About us

Threeline Technology is a young and dynamic team
focused each day on doing our best to strengthen the brand and position it as a LED market leader.

We began in Almansa (Spain) in 2006 as a lighting electronics company and have evolved to offer all types of LED lighting.

Our main aim is to develop high quality and efficient products at competitive prices to achieve an energy saving of more than 80%.

R&D and
Quality Control

Threeline’s technical, R&D and quality control departments comprise a single body focused, to a large extent, on research, design and development of new products and solutions, as well as on constant and exhaustive quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.


To this end, we have many specialised tools and devices:

3D printers to make the first computer-developed designs and prototypes a reality before large-scale production.

Thermographic camera to carry out detaiLED analysis of the temperature reached at each moment by all product components and to identify product temperature ranges, limitations, and critical points.

Laser for marking and differentiating references and batch numbers, for custom and independent product traceability.

Ulbricht integrating sphere for accurate product electrical, photometric and colorimetric measurements.


Our production department manufactures and customises all the materials requested by the customer, for both exterior finishes and dimming options.

Logistics hub

Our logistic centre has over 3,000 square metres of warehouse space, spread over 5 facilities, where our vast array of products are stored, so we can deliver customers’ orders to the right place at the right time.

Customer Service

We conduct comprehensive and personalised lighting studies according to the lighting requirements specified by our customers to provide a simulation of the final result of their indoor or outdoor lighting installation relying on the most advanced software, such as DIALux.

Project Consultancy Service.

After analysing the requirements and lighting needs, our engineering team works closely with our customers to bring their projects to life, providing specialised advice and comprehensive management services.

Energy saving and amortisation studies.

With a few simple and objective calculations, our customers will get to know the real savings of switching from traditional luminaires to LED luminaires. The study will also indicate how long it will take to write off the investment.

Technical documentation.

Product technical data sheets and certificates issued by external laboratories endorsing our products are available on our website.

Sales Service

Our friendly and personal customer service prides itself on exceeding customers’ expectations and making sure they buy the appropriate product according to their needs, their orders arrive as soon as possible, and the products are correctly set up.

Technical support.

Our sales service provides a swift and efficient response, via telephone and/or email, to clear up any technical queries our customers may have before purchase, during installation and afterwards.

Order Tracking.

Our customers can easily track and trace their domestic or international shipments online, using the tracking number provided by the courier companies with which we work.

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